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Seven News Sydney Opener & Blooper 2008

20 Responses

  1. AntonioAzz

    There’s no blooper here. it just a lag in audio to capture.

  2. AntonioAzz

    oh you mean when the cross to Damien Smith?….Got ya !

  3. MrBinieam

    wow she is just beautiful

  4. Michael Tarr

    That sound package sounds just like the NBC news theme here in America, is
    that just a remake, or is that the actual package?

  5. Flinklehurst

    Ah, when 94.9 cents a litre seemed exorbitant… were those days really so

  6. bobstlena

    I miss that studio

  7. bobstlena

    I still love the new set though

  8. xylene28

    @Flinklehurst That’s what I noticed too! Oh I remember complaining about
    that back then – now I’d love it!

  9. EL20078

    @Flinklehurst Its what happens when you do not protest, and when you allow
    an oligopoly to control your oil and food prices!

  10. thatsit07

    Chris Bath was a gun before she had kids.

  11. Laina

    This happens alot on channel 7 🙂

  12. GetLost

    @MrBinieam that she is, but she aint no sandra sully

  13. Klaus Steinermann

    she needs to ditch those NFL football shoulder pads, milf..

  14. Luke Skywalker


  15. zampakid

    @DogsBalls1217 meh..

  16. MongooseFreeRider

    George Bush should of went and fought the war in AfartGunnaStink since he
    could dodge shoes he could of dodged bullets as well

  17. Brad M

    I was about to say the same thing… dear god thats cheap lol, and that was
    only 4 yrs ago.

  18. TheCatalyst

    Awkward silence

  19. Obi-Wan Kenobi

    that’s because you need to be trained in the ways of the force

  20. Kevderp123

    how come her mouth does not fit the words they seem misaligned

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