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Seven News Sydney | Remembering Ian ‘Roscoe’ Ross | 30 April 2014

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  1. SydneysTVChannel
  2. Jojoxxr

    A fkn great man. Roscoe, you’ll always be a bloody legend mate.

  3. Thomas Moore

    RIP you legend 

  4. Liam Cook


  5. Liam Cook

    1940-2014 Ian Ross.

  6. Liam Cook

    R.I.P Ian Ross.

  7. Budar Endario

    bye bye Ian Ross. No more Ian Ross. Rest in Peace

  8. Fusion Super

    RIP Ian Ross – Gone but never forgotten and will be ever sorely missed

  9. Ken Watson

    ‘Roscoe’ is a ‘Freedom Furniture’ bogan.

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