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[Seven News Sydney] Tornado at Hornsby hits railway station – 19/11/2013

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  1. Media and Transport Channel
  2. Will Ford

    Thanks for posting :)

  3. sportyman1992

    Thanks for posting, missed it on the tele

  4. Shadowstaine

    where did this term “mini-tornado” come from? someone just made it up,
    there’s no such thing. it was a small tornado, but i believe it has come to
    be known as “hornado”

  5. hallmitchell
  6. J Double-L

    1:16- Is that an Olly Murs song?

  7. J Double-L

    If you live in Hornsby, what happened to the railway station now?

  8. Filthy Pyro

    haha the wizard of oz is that the best example you’ve got lol i dont
    remember that happening on that movie

  9. Mitchell Friend

    Aw damn it, I was just ALMOST there to see it but I was at my house the
    time the cyclone hit having come back from Hornsby :(

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