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[Seven News Sydney] Train vandals risking their lives in dangerous stunts – 9/7/2013

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  1. Lambda Lifts NZ

    Trespass them from all NSW Transport for 3-4 years, make them clean up the
    trains, AND a fine of $5,000 might cut it. Gladys I hope you can see this.

  2. ReqzArtist

    fuck you

  3. LacksR

    A $5,000 fine that there parents will have to pay?

  4. runescapefisher

    Yep a fine the perents pay and the kids dont give a fuck and keep bombing..
    any idea that will *Stop* them wont work , its always gona be here never
    gona go away may aswell get used to it

  5. Tony Smith

    Increase the penalty to 5 yrs jail and make an example of a few.. I hate

  6. MrHaz

    All u cunts go suck ur mums dick / /´╗┐

  7. ookland81

    So what was the out come. Absolute nothing.

    It is zero action because from the position of government its cheaper to
    clean up the mess than deal with the offenders In other words the
    authorities are failing to deal with this. Instead their policy is. Do
    nothing. ´╗┐

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