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[Seven News Sydney] Vandals graffiti train at Granville – 5/5/2014

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  1. nickrod32

    Fear mongering dogs, especially Sean Berry such a melodramatic puppet.

  2. Nicholas Ong

    Should’ve opened the door. The commuters would have stepped out and done
    what Sydney Trains and NSW Police have failed to do for years. 

  3. Nathan Smith
  4. Billiam Benedict

    Woo! Australian media publicizing graffiti that’s what I like to see ;)

  5. J Double-L

    0:55- Smile. What does that mean?

  6. Cole Hausser

    Yeah boys! CRUSH, KILL, DESTROY, CRUSH!!!

  7. Ohh Smurf

    It costs $1 for 1 litre of graffiti removal chemicals, and the buffers get
    paid like 7 bucks an hour and it would probably take half an hour to remove
    it… So million of dollars of damage my ass

  8. Ohh Smurf

    You should be worrying more about the fucking terrorist that would be able
    to take over the trains.

  9. lance barrilleaux

    So when the train is painted after its built its ok but when a tagger tags
    a train it’s illegal 

  10. lance barrilleaux

    It’s just paint dumbass . 

  11. lance barrilleaux

    I think I made my point here . 

  12. Eric Gutierrez

    Passengers be some Bitchasses

  13. Nicholas Cherrington

    show them ya cunt and they might show you there face.fuck your system…all
    aboard you muppets

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