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Seven Nightly News Sydney (1992).

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  1. Mark Pentler

    Fantastic quality on this, great stereo sound etc. Is it from VHS?

  2. MissBeavis10

    @wuzzlevideos Yes. All uploads are from old VHS tapes that have been stored
    away for years and seldom played. Some are still great quality while others
    are barely playable.

  3. SydneyCityTV Videos

    Great clip. Old videos of Sydney TV News is hard to find. Just out of
    interest, do you have anymore old clips of Sydney TV News from any
    channels? On a final note, the same Mike Whitney from local advertorial
    “Sydney Weekender” which airs on ATN @ 5.30pm Saturday?

  4. Lian Las Pinas

    The Seven Nightly News, the NBC-style Australian national newscast since
    1970, and the Mission Theme (1985 version) used from 1989 to 2007

  5. Lian Las Pinas

    Roger Climpson is the Australia’s own Tom Brokaw

  6. Amraks

    Lucas Heights hey nuclear waste maybe add that to your tags too.

  7. Scoop Nemeth

    A sports segment on a network evening newscast? Why can’t the American
    networks do it? Have a sports anchor on NBC Nightly News, as Brian Williams
    presents the day’s world and national news? Why can’t Bob Costas presents
    the sports, while BW brings the news?

  8. kierain92

    aaahh 1992 the year i was born SUCK ON THAT TODAY’S KIDS 90S RULED!

  9. DoctorBohr

    Wow, the early 90s when hi tech cars were actually exciting!

  10. Dan Martin

    Looks like February 5 of 1992.

  11. REZZA2020

    HAHA so awesome !! LOL

  12. Charlie M

    Can anyone tell me where to get the song at the end of the news?

  13. Sebastian Jackson

    Would it be possible to put the whole uncut episode on a DVD or a Windows
    video file for me to receive? I collect old newscasts as a hobby and this
    video is of amazing quality.

  14. Alexander Korng

    Mark Ferguson is a Cub Reporter, Now a Newsreader from Channel 7 in Sydney

  15. Tim Ripley

    For those wondering…that logo in the background at 4:16 is that of the
    TVA network in Quebec…don’t know which affiliate the guest was at

  16. Sage Quinn

    Roger Climpson, he da man. I remember back in the early 1980s when he was
    reading the news on 7, one time he got a phone call right there on the news
    desk. He answered it live on air, spoke a bit, hung up, and then said “late
    breaking news…” That was news reading with *attitude*. lol.

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