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Shocking brawl breaks out at children’s party in Sydney’s south west

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  1. News Today 2015
  2. Chhum cheat1
  3. az09983

    Typical australian scum
    Yeah for multiculturalism as you can see it really works in australia

  4. Cruzboy

    lol Kimbo Slice @ 0:20

  5. James Deen


    Evolved apes fighting over bananas. The ladies screaming remind of monkeys
    This is evolution. From the jungle to the jungle gym.

  6. Mazza P

    I didn’t know they let monkeys out in children’s play grounds, look the
    gorilla @ 0:20 why doesn’t he help, instead of laughing like a gorilla on
    heat! As for the Moron that pulled the girls hair and his monkey friends
    who punched up her father, once caught they should have their bananas

  7. Doyoufeellucky Punk

    Assyrians or as I prefer to call them “Syrians” (that really gets them
    worked up). Pretty typical Middle Eastern behaviour and it just proves that
    you don’t need to be Muslim to be a fuckwit.

  8. longlivecrow

    Blacks represent regression to the lowest possible level of upright basic
    survival in our White first world society and culture. Like the vandals and
    miscreants of the early eighteenth century, they look upon the wonders of
    our civilization with the dull and dismal eye of the uncomprehending and
    perplexity. They live amongst what they could never create with their own
    hands or understand with their mind. They see wonders every day that barely
    stir their interest beyond the present moment. When incited to violence
    they break, smash, loot and hurt with reckless abandon and no regard for
    the next day. In ancient times, we paid off these vandals and malefactors
    with bread, wine and circuses, sometimes tossing them a piece of gold to
    just go away. Today, we pay the descendants in Section Ape, EBT and the
    host of other wealth-transfer programs, they are surly, uncooperative,
    ungrateful and always a step away from violence.

  9. Craig DD

    Multiculturalism. No one asked me if I wanted it.

  10. tony hickman

    That will be a birthday no one will forget anytime soon. Pity to the poor
    child who’s special day will be remembered this way. Well done people hang
    your heads in shame and learn some constraint and good manners.
    Happy Birthday to you little one, best wishes.

  11. Jake Dasnake

    looks like muslim lebanese or another middle eastern group attacking like
    animals. it was one of australia’s biggest mistakes letting these people’s
    parents and grandparents into the country when they had to flee southern
    lebanon. mainly uneducated, poor and filled with hatred already they were
    in no way going to assimilate like the christian lebanese have. they raised
    their children around tables where other aussies were referred to as pigs
    and whores.
    what would be awesome is planting thousands of jews into certain areas of
    western sydney as they have proven themselves quite adept at cowering much
    larger muslim populations.

  12. Citiguard Security Guards

    Footage emerges of adults fighting at children’s play centre in Sydney’s
    Wetherill Park.

    #cctvfootage #securityguards 

  13. kingschnitz

    Would it be any loss if these generational inbreds all disappeared
    overnight ? They don’t come to this country to embrace it, they come here
    to exploit it.
    Don’t befriend these savages, don’t employ them and don’t do business with
    Let these noxious weeds wither and decay. 

  14. NICK O


  15. Michael Davidson

    Brain-dead cowards in the video and here on the forums. Closet racists
    salivating upon seeing the darker skin of the assailants. Do you heap
    similar condemnation on Caucasian thugs? Somehow I think not.
    How anyone could look at themselves in the mirror and call themselves a man
    after gang-bashing a father in a playground is beyond me. Comparing them to
    animals is an insult to the animal kingdom. They’re pond slime.

  16. Darph Bobo

    I expect to see this on Russell Howard’s good news sometime soon.. 

  17. Darph Bobo

    Hilarious, and shocking – this could be Bradford

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