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Stunning! Sydney opens New Year 2015 celebrations with fireworks

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  1. Nice Zionist

    Thank you Australia for voting down the palestinian resolution. Happy New

  2. J. Tuakana

    Fuck off RT you view whore. You have shown that you hate Australia in
    previous videos because they support the west and not Russia. 

  3. YouTube Hunter-Gatherer

    Thank you for not blowing any of the innocent fireworks out of the sky
    during our New Year’s celebration Russia. I guess when it comes to
    fireworks, we’ve already done the hard work for you. This year is
    definitely off to a good start. Down with Putin. Happy New Year to all sane

  4. Jose Mingles

    Are people supposed to be happy *just because* they are being told to be
    happy? Happy for what? Another year? *What* year? *What* calendar? *What*
    agenda? Maybe buying some psychological lube would be a better way to look
    forward to what’s looming over the horizon. *Death to the New Year of the
    Western CULTure* of worldwide tyranny and exploitation and terrorism and
    travesties of justice and truth and all that is wholesome! Even the CULTure
    of these European hordes has all the dates and events wrong about their
    made-up triune deity that we are all supposed to celebrate with them. *Hell

  5. Controlled Opposition

    Title Correction: My mоther is a low price jewish whоre.

  6. jaiden9898

    Yea, polluting ourselves to extinction woohoo!!!

  7. jamali hamilton

    Good job Australia. I hope in 2015 year you’ll be free from Fashingtons
    satan dictatorship.


  8. Gordana Pavlovic

    Ако новинари не лажу…
    У Сиднај се већ ушуњала Нова 2015. година …:-):-):-)
    Нек им је са срећом !!!

  9. tovvi kawtemmi

    BE CAREFUL OF RUSSIAN FIREWORKS – sometimes they HIT passenger planes by
    accident killing everyone on board

  10. Mardasee

    Happy fucking New Year. It will be just like fucking last year and with
    more worse to come.

  11. Brian Griffin

    Happy New Year, you Aussie bastards!! =)

  12. edward leonard

    Yeah Baby, The Christian Nations Really Know How to Celebrate the New
    Years!! What’s Russia Going to Do to Celebrate?? Light up and Throw a
    Molotov Cocktail in the Air!!

  13. John Galt

    It’s nice the fireworks company is getting rich while poor people are
    struggling. That few minute display could have bought lots of shoes and

  14. darwinist000

    I hope Australia has a real shit year this year, pussy little shits,
    ‘murica owes you $125billion(usd) and you voted against Palestine
    recognition because the usa said they would not give it back if you voted
    for recognition, ‘murica has no intention of paying back any of the money
    it owes to anyone, They have a debt of $18trillion that’s nearly half of
    the worlds debt, they have *NO* *MONEY* you dirty sell outs.

  15. Kim Philby

    Australia, the USA`s little helper.

  16. videowilliams

    That moment when the horizon went UP at 2:07 was awesome! I was there
    🙂 And I’m so glad the trolls in the comments below were not.

  17. Andrea Petroni

    In qualche Paese del Mondo hanno già salutato il 2014 e hanno dato il
    benvenuto al 2015, siete pronti a farlo anche voi?
    Con l’augurio che il 2015 sia per tutti ricco di gioia, di salute, di amore
    di pace e di felicità, e perché no, anche ricco di #viaggi! 😉

    #capodanno #viaggiare

  18. Joe Rogen

    Happiness propaganda. Can’t have realists refusing to prop up the Satanic
    economy now can we? Years are artificial. Idiots. Time is relative. Life is

  19. Anguel Gutierrez

    2014 was a shitty year, for me atleast. =(

  20. Anton Konstantine

    Australians should “shirtfront” Faggot (Abbott) for sucking up to the
    Zionist mafia.

  21. J.C. Laberge

    Sydney est fière d’être l’une des premières grandes villes au monde à
    accueillir chaque nouvelle année, par un feu d’artifice de style tropical
    avec or et d’argent palmier chatoyants effets pyrotechniques.

  22. Oavedays

    HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYONE ( except muslims they can fuck themseves )

  23. Hartmut Lehmann

    Happy new year, Downunder!!

  24. The Joker

    Damn finito i Nowy Rok już jest dla innych żyjących pod inną
    szerokością geograficzną Hey ;)))

  25. m yaz

    Australians are Racist an can be a bully against forgieners who are weak an
    can’t defend them selves. Always drunk even their women dru. Mksmkìì
    nk most time of the fart an burp. I mean after taking over auss kiiling
    millions of aborigines took over their lands illegally but honestly now
    this week they could of shown the world the8 after apl these and mó. 

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