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Sunrise host Natalie Barr fights back tears – Sydney Hostage Siege | Seven News | 16/12/2014

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  1. a5m2

    Sack the producer they should of gone to ad break.

  2. Mark Antony

    What this proves to me is how John Howard’s gun-buy-back program failed
    dismally. Bleeding heart soft cocks handed in their .22s while criminals
    laughed their cobblers off…thank you very much dickhead…

  3. hector maclean

    the most awkward male news host ever!!!

  4. Mantas K

    Kebabs, welcome to our countries, we like you, especially when you kill

  5. Joseph Holloway

    A couple of guns behind the counter and this would a been avoided

  6. VideoMenu

    Stereotype: Reporters are heartless vultures preying on news-making victims
    for the news bite.

    Her: Disproving the stereotype and learning another lesson in humanity.
    Him: Keeping the stereotype alive as he flounders to keep “reporting”.

    It’s a wash.

  7. R.L. Madd

    Seeing the pain in her eyes was absolutely heart breaking :(

  8. choff5507

    Perhaps now that this hits home the news media will no longer hide the
    reality of Muslim immigration into your country yeah?

  9. TheUFOnetwork

    Ask QUESTIONS people. Why was ISIS *immediately declared* as the
    perpetrator of this “attack”, before the event itself had even ended, or
    was at least thoroughly investigated? How would any MEDIA be privy to this
    information to a full degree of certainty?? WAKE UP AUSTRALIA, YOU ARE

  10. Regina Felange

    Why can’t we all just stop fighting? What is wrong with people? If the West
    just stayed out of this shit then there wouldn’t be a fucking war! For once
    couldn’t America and Britain just stay out of it! Let the Middle east
    collapse, let them all kill each other, let them do what they want! Not for
    the sake of being a ‘better person’ but for the sake of the innocents who
    will die from your actions! What’s happening in the Middle East should STAY
    THERE. It wouldn’t be an issue if America just stopped trying to be
    powerful and greedy! This world is as fucked as it is! Focus on your own
    countries because very soon Britain and America will be the same! STOP THIS

  11. MOTNS9000

    That dude was kind of a dick about it.

  12. WhiteCheetah

    Soo fake and staged.

  13. Mando Killacal

    Lmfao give this cunt a oscar award already!!!funniest shit ive seen all

  14. Naama Loll

    Now you know how we israelis feel everyday! It happens once in australia
    and the world is going crazy! But israel? It happens every week. We try to
    defend ourselves and then the world is calling us terrorists! So if we׳re
    terrorists the police guys must be terrorists too for killing that
    terrorist guy! Because we’re being called terroristd for fighting terror.
    Insane. All israel does is fighting terror!!!!! We are not muslim, we dont
    believe in killing innocent people to follow our religion. If australia or
    any other country in the world was surrounded by terrorist groups that
    murder them everyday, wouldnt they react back?!!!! Go study. 

  15. stenbak88

    Watch Australia is gonna go ape shit on guns and foreigners now

  16. TheBigHase

    I hate the Islam I hate what they do! All in the name of their fucking
    god! I am fed up with them! When will this world be liberated from this
    threat!? They are everywhere! What will happen next!? Enuff already! United
    we stand against evil! Never surrender! I’ve had enuff!

  17. TheVideoWatcher1669

    Israel fighting terror? Bullshit! All you do is kill innocent people. There
    is footage right here on Youtube showing Israeli SOLDIERS bombing
    Palestinian kids for playing football. Also, a Palestinian man was walking
    with his son when some Israeli soldiers just randomly shot at them, killing
    the son. Theres even a video to prove it. YOU’RE the terrorists. You people
    are in a region that doesn”t even belong to you. Those ‘terrorists’ are
    fighting back to get their country back and because of that, that makes
    them terrorists? Nice. See that man who caused the siege? THATS a
    terrorist, not all the kids you people murder in Israel.

  18. TheVideoWatcher1669

    I’m a muslim and I honestly get how you feel. Who can blame you since we
    have these idiots representing us. These terrorists are NOT following Islam
    at all. After all, Islam forbids the murder of innocent people and yet
    these terrorists are doing just that. They aren’t Muslim even if they say
    they are. They are just crazed mass murderers thinking if they killed
    innocents, they will go to heaven, Well I can assure you they will have a
    one-way ticket to hell.

  19. TruthMust Prevail

    The eye is a mirror to the soul!
    This bitch is lying! She is nothing more than a political prostitute that
    bends over for evil and opening!
    So glad the Chinese have took over these racist hypocrites!

  20. 007VitaminD

    I wonder how many Muslim are going to be killed now in retaliation for this
    extremists actions.

  21. RaikuAnimeCommenting

    This would never happen in America. *Only in pussy areas that disarm their
    population.* If they had guns, they could have defended themselves but I
    guess it’s better to shake in fear, piss yourself or die instead.

  22. Meriam Rezika


  23. Peggy Hill

    This is really shaking up Australia, from what I’ve seen here online. It’s
    kind of strange to watch. Here in America, we’re so used to shootings that
    we just kind of shrug and go about our lives. At any rate, I hope you guys
    get to feeling better. I love blooming onions and steak.

  24. Kharn526

    Too all the “peaceful” musliims out there, its time for you to have a voice
    and stand up against these fucks. If you dont then we will assume you all
    are the same. 

  25. Tyler Perelman

    For me, I didn’t really care about all this terrorist and Isis bullshit.

    I just noticed one thing:

    The guy on the right was a complete and total dick.

    Stop interrupting, and sympathize. What a complete imbecile. He looked like
    he was bored and wanted to play spin the fucking bottle. For God’s sake, a
    woman is crying. Help Her.

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