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Swinging A Child At A Train | 9 News Sydney

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  1. LongHoodForwardProductions

    The guy operating the train probably almost had a heart attack. I come from
    a background where I work on trains, trust me, if you seen that happen in
    front of your train you would feel the same way.

  2. TheSouthern1cross

    lol my dad used to do shit like this on cliffs at zoos and in crocodile
    infested waterholes in NT chill the fuck out people, yes its pretty stupid
    to do but its not worth the “outrage”

  3. perkillya

    I thought people knew by now that whatever gets on the news is always over
    dramatic, seriously blown out of proportion or fear mongering.

  4. Preydiction

    This may not be safe, but it’s no where near as bad as it’s made out to be.

  5. This name is either restricted, too long, or contains too many invalid characters.

    Typical grody lad cunt who shouldn’t have children 

  6. TheCheaseMan

    i expected thing to go wrong…

  7. A100Aic

    some people shouldn’t have kids. what if the man driving was old and
    freaked out about this and something bad happened. fucking moron.

  8. oo0Spyder0oo

    Over dramatic as usual, it’s why I don’t watch the news anymore, better off
    without the shit. 

  9. مؤمن بالله الواحد

    THAT’S FUNNNN not.

  10. steve hicks

    brainless fkn idiot

  11. alfoncio

    They’re not journalists, take a look at Vice, They’re journalists…
    Channel Nine and every Australian news channel apart from the SBS or the
    ABC do a shit job of journalism/programming, and Murdoch’s FOX is more
    shithouse than the rest of them combined, These local stories are designed
    to let people not know what’s really happening in the country, stories like
    The Great Barrier Reef or the Tasmanian Forests aren’t even mentioned.
    Somebody’s making people blind while real bad shit is happening all around
    us and we’re not even told about it, Australia you propaganda fuelled
    democracy, true shamble of a country.

  12. Robert A

    Good to see the important news is on Channel 9’s agenda.

  13. Tarzoetube

    ciggy butt brain

  14. Bebe Bourke

    What the heck poor kid :-(

  15. TheTombigal

    I guess this is better than hearing shapelle corby story over and over

  16. UncleBadTouch

    God damm it SiggyButBrain

  17. Ping Pong

    What the absolute fuck

  18. Ben Francis

    It’s kinda funny how people from other country’s are sayin Australia’s
    retarded guess wat we don’t have shootings every week

  19. Danii Whiting


  20. Kerem Gun

    Oooooo that looks like fun -.-

  21. Nate Brindabella

    Shaycarl does this and gets paid

  22. Nate Brindabella

    Shaycarl does this and gets paid

  23. Guy Baxter

    Oh please… cunt, fuck, turd, spastic, ass rape, donkey punch is going to
    get more likes than this shit… desperadoes!

  24. JonMaves

    I’m pretty sure a lot of dads would see this as fun… the kid probaly
    laughed too buuuuuuut the dad could’ve held the kid a lot more better 

  25. aarons1980

    I hope the guy gets life in jail 

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