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Sydney Analogue TV Switch Off : ABN 2 & ATN 7 News Reports 3rd Dec 2013

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  1. tubeie07

    Very nice compilation Barry! The number of times I played that closer to
    air from 1977 until 24 hour transmission began (ACR cart number 900026), I
    couldn’t count! It’s interesting to see that ATN was the only station to
    put together an albeit short tribute by playing the old closer and saying
    ‘Good Bye’! I wonder if Tommy Leonetti ever gave a thought to his image
    being one of the last on analogue Tele in Sydney – I would like to think
    so. Again, nice job and thanks for taking the time to let us reflect on it

  2. Barry Bostwick

    Oh wow, someone who actually played the closer !
    Thanks for the kind comments.
    The V/O station closer version here must be from the colour days.
    I remember watching the station closer in 1969 on a 22 inch Bush Simpson B
    & W valve set, I was 6 and stayed up late a few times, not a school night
    and the memory of this song, plus bed time kangaroo is so strong that I
    can’t stop watching it because of all the memory triggers. It feels the
    time it came from but long gone from today.

  3. Creighton Rabs

    Is it me, or does the “Let’s All Be There” campaign from Seven Network
    sound almost exactly like the campaign NBC ran in the mid-1980s?

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