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Sydney, Australia – 2015 New Years Fireworks Show [HD] (Official)

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  1. Aldahir Franco Rosario Aquije

    happy new year australia! from PERU! :D

  2. angela mckinley

    Now that is an amazing entrance into 2015!!!

  3. Mike Kreidel

    Not in HD. Not Official.
    Rename the title.

  4. HelikerX

    Never fails to impress! HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYONE!

  5. kingsmil2

    Blessing of Australia ~ from Taiwan

  6. phil wilson

    Does not look all that good this year….cant wait to see London display
    this year….last year was incredible….

  7. antonio esposito

    Fuck Maya saying that the earth ended in 2012 we are still here! lol Happy
    new year form Italy

  8. Legacy

    Just Released DUBAI Fireworks on my channel and they are crazy! Check them
    out! :)

  9. Sara Gagliardi

    Feliz año para todos en todos los lugares de este maravilloso mundo!!!
    saludos desde Montevideo : Uruguay!

  10. Lio Kin

    New year’s eve fireworks – Sydney 2015

  11. ExRhodesian

    Happy New Year yes we all a year closer to God. What no God why I am going
    to bash that preacher man he took my money and told me I would have life
    after death.

  12. Legacy

    Just Released London Fireworks onto my channel and they are maybe the best!
    Check them out! 

  13. TheGlitzieGirl1

    Why have you got writing all over the fireworks? Soooo annoying!

  14. Deep In My Bones

    this isn’t the 2015 show in sydney .. look at the centre of the bridge..
    wrong ….

  15. John Underwood

    I gave a thumbs down because you would think that having spent $7.2m they
    would spend money on video production, after all this is how many of us get
    to see the spectacle. VERY disappointing. Next year, please for overseas
    Australians and for potential tourists, spend whatever you must, to give us
    a quality rendition of the Sydney’s amazing New Year’s fireworks.

  16. Harley Ashdown

    Can’t watch the fucking thing cause the shitty links on screen keep opening
    up other stuff. Annoying fucks

  17. Johnny Sandoval

    Sydney, Australia – 2015

    New Years Fireworks Show


  18. Maheen Ahmad

    This is NOT 2015. I was there and the symbol in the middle of the bridge
    definitely wasn’t red. 

  19. KineticalKreations

    Takes a minute just to get rid of the annotations and then you try to pass
    off this grainy 360p shit as HD and then you even have the Gaul to add
    ‘Official’ into the mix?! … SMH.

  20. sweatpatch123

    pretty sure this isnt 2015 fireworks….for starters, the symbol on the
    bridge was blue not red

  21. Dario Salvatore Romano

    HD? 360p? You know it’s 2015, not 2005? This should be at least be 1080p to
    be called HD by now.

  22. Tayyab Mehmood

    iiiiiiiiiiiii Loveeeeeeeeeeeeeee Dubaiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii..
    Awesome.,,,,,,,,, Firework Show,,,,,,,,,,,,
    Check It Out…!!! //
    Official Fire Work Show

  23. scott hind

    This is not 2015 New year’s fire works, what a dick! 

  24. Cassandra Edwards

    Ummm that awkward that not this year new years, im from Sydney and that
    ain’t it lol

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