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Sydney cafe hostages held by gunman

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  1. Hassan I Sabbah

    lmao this smartass is releasing hostages? I wonder how stupid he will feel
    when he runs out of hostages and the swat storms in with flashbangs and
    kill that fool

  2. Dodgy Dez

    Religion of peace strikes again

  3. nuclearwaste002

    Hostages escaped. Not released.

  4. Ibpn

    the gunman is a follower of islam, a religion of peace and tolerance, the
    hostages have nothing to worry about.

  5. Maran atha

    Merry Christmas from the Religion of Peace™

  6. Aiman Azhar

    I don’t think he is a muslim at all coz the real muslim never do like that

  7. MyLifeStory Luna

    What to say? Only to pray for this people in to be safe.

  8. Andy420uk

    Fucking sand monkeys again! 

  9. Kneedragon1962

    This seems to be getting a lot more airplay and coverage internationally
    than here in Au. I gather from local reports that one of the main things
    the gunman wants, is media attention. Exactly what he’s demanding is quite
    carefully not being reported. If a soapbox or pulpit obtained at gunpoint
    is a major objective, then I can understand that caution.

  10. anneke buffering

    they already going in????

  11. Kneedragon1962

    Sounds like it’s over. Police have stormed it. “Loud bangs.” Now that could
    be flash-bangs, or shots…

  12. Kneedragon1962

    … yeah, live coverage. Gunfire, quite a lot of it. I don’t think we’re
    going to be hearing his version of the story…

  13. BBC News

    Two people, including the hostage-taker, have been killed as the
    #SydneySiege ends with Australian commandos storming the cafe, local media
    reports say:


    Another bad apple.

  15. Elliot Parker

    Finally!!! A news station said Arabic writing instead of Islamic writing

  16. theend1245

    Looks like a Wog

  17. GANSAW

    We are just tired of Islam shit. Time to wipe out all the Muslims.

  18. Neeta Lo

    they weren’t released, they escaped. the cafe is quite large so they
    managed to flee while the gunman was in another area. and those who did
    escape had been in there for at least 6 hours, and those women in the video
    almost 8. 

  19. Skagi Arnlaugrson

    😀 Islamic State of Australiastan.
    However, staged shit…if it was for real part of ISIS he would have killed
    the hostages.

  20. akula1085

    may be time to rethink that ban on concealed carry…

  21. Jonathan MR

    What do you expect from people that come from a third world culture which
    has a high tolerance level for violence and unncapetable behaviour. Look at
    their countrys. Look what you see wherever they’re. There is nothing but
    war and conflict. They have failed to create a fair, peaceful society yet
    have suceeded in creating a terrible one.

  22. Yousif Tareq

    He was really interested in the media coverage?
    He really works hard to make Muslims look bad?

    Job well done, another good reason to get us invaded.
    Or keep getting us killed by “peace makers”.

    Anyway, not alot of sane people on youtube, but I must say:
    “One man DO NOT represent a religion”

  23. Gary N

    mentaly ill person takes hostages.

  24. MrLililalilila

    Fake bullshit All the Media shareholders are going to be punished one Day.
    I hope soon. But we need voices. or Maybe a couple charming Guys can make
    the media folks go down on their knees.

    I mean people are going to feel Dumb when things start showing off . And
    remember Tv computer newspapers are the best Way to control peoples mind

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