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SYDNEY FALSE FLAG TERROR – WHO BENEFITS? Revolutionary Nightly News with Smokin Joe Mekhael 161214

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  1. Smokin Joe Mekhael
  2. Ghita Andersen

    NWO always like to kill two or three birds with one stone.
    False flag:
    -Firstly Isis is a CIA designed group and does not exist other than to
    create war to loot countries because the USA is broke.
    -Police rehearsed security drill – in the same spot!
    -No tear gas? That is unheard of. It is police protocol!
    -Scapegoat – Guy with record. Muslim wearing full gear. (perfect Manchurian
    -Lindt chocolate – Christmas has a high chocolate consumption and will
    remind population way past Easter. (Anti-Christian)
    -Security hyped. Taking away our rights little, by little was Hitler’s
    -Barristers were involved with Abbott during university years (pro-Labour)
    and spoke on ABC radio about how Abbott was a violent, sociopathic bully.
    -Abbotts wife works for Rothschilds!!!!!
    -News media were using ‘psyche key phrases’ over and over and padding out
    the rubbish with ad-libbing. Must have been written by PR people. (Most
    news is now written by PR companies anyway)
    -News was reporting on the news! Australian channels showing how CNN and
    Fox and BBC were showing the siege. When it does this it is all
    manufactured rubbish.
    -Actors? Why would a gunman release anyone?
    -There may have been other things happening in the world that media wanted
    to avoid or it was to stall budget changes.

    There are no such thing as coincidences. This was bad, cheap propaganda!
    Let’s hope it makes people more peaceful and backfires Joe.

  3. kara biber

    You speak well and right Joe, except
    I do not believe anyone died there.

  4. Love QURAN

    WELL SAID MATE! if only people could UNITE over every false flag the govt
    throws at them, their purpose will be defeated, the people will start
    winning back their freedom, dont fall victim to divide and rule policy

  5. Lion King

    Hope you can box with a name like that mate. Not many Australians are awake
    to this, good man. Ive been studying Illuminati, NWO etc for a while now. I
    live in Perth and have some good material. E.mail me.


    He is fucking right!!!

  7. Louis A Justice

    Australia has killed millions of people in its wars of aggression on
    foreign lands and now they want us to worry about 2 people who were killed.
    I don’t give shit about 2 Australians or 20 million Australians as long as
    Australians don’t care about the victims of their own aggression and don’t
    stop invading and interfering in other nations.

    Australia is the tail of the Anglo-American empire which has shed blood all
    over the world and they are continuing to do so. And they have no shame to
    continue their savagery. So why should we give shit about two Australians
    who got killed in a false flag show.

    There is no comparison between the false flag in Sydney and the ongoing
    genocide in Baghdad. 2 million Iraqis are killed by the Anglo-Jewish war on

  8. Mike Williams

    hey smokin’,fuck revolution….you only come to where you begun….try
    evolution,it’s less dizzy

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