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Sydney hostage crisis UPDATE: comes after terror raid, suspicious package at Sydney Opera House

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  1. Simon Pham


  2. Im Elements

    Not Frist, lel

  3. JAQK Zaxxey

    This hostage situation may take days

  4. Merlijn Schuurman

    Horrible, just Horrible.
    3 hostages left the building.
    Later that day 2 others escaped as well.
    5 are free in total,
    the hostages were forced to hold up a flag with Arabic writing, it said:
    Allah is the only god
    And another flag with: Mohammed is the messenger.

  5. Catherine Dwyer

    As a sydney citizen, 5 have escaped. I live near the chocolate shop and I
    experienced some of what it was inside. 45 People at the moment are being
    held hostage. But SAS Have heavily armed men negotiating with the two

  6. a guy whos angry

    Well give them Tony if they give us the hostages. 

  7. denny wong


  8. Sislertx

    Ban islam now!! Worldwide! It only has 2 goals

    1. Kill all jews and anyone else they deem aka susoected homosexuals
    2. Over throe YOUR GOVERNMENT

    They are SWORN LIARS FOR A FAKE LIAR GOD …they can not take any oaths and
    only fool you when they pretend to.



    BRAINWASHING and torturing their young 1000 times worse than ANY
    government…and looking at theirs IT IS HORRENDOUS.


  9. химик

    Storm it with special forces (ie: SAS) and annihilate the scumbag jihadi.
    Put 10 full clips into him to make sure. Then cut his flag up and give it
    to the freed hostages as complimentary toilet paper.

  10. HireDeLune

    The terrorist has a black flag that translates to something about There
    is no God but Allah, and Muhammad is his messenger.

  11. Ibsa Ana

    PEOPLE it is false flag to make the australian people want tp go to war in
    the meddle east just like the USA , isn’t weird that places like AUSTRALIA,
    CANADA ,ENGLAND allies of the united states had terror attacks in the same
    year which is something never happened before not to mention that all of
    these ATTACKs came right after the united states planing to to war in the
    middle east 



  13. Moreofthesamez

    F F
    A L
    L A
    S G


  14. ObliviousBurrito

    The siege is over, Australian police took decisive action and raided the
    building which culminated in what reporters said to be heavy gunfire. 3
    were killed in the raid, the gunman included. Well done Australia and my
    condolences to the two bystanders.

  15. sebastian sharp

    Who in Australia doesn’t know about this?

  16. zareh77

    what can i say. the religion of so called peace at it again. were fed up
    over here in the uk with the parasites causing so much hell over here.
    because they are the largest british minority they think they can do and
    say what they want. they dont care about there fellow british citizens and
    the country they live in. there goal is to only dominate and convert the uk
    into an islamic state. all i can say is fuck islam and your pedophile
    prophet mohammed! from a british indian catholic.

  17. candy Lastcandy

    Its not islam fault its the people who make evrything bad in this world by
    not following the basic rule…like people say politic is bad but i think
    its the people who make polics bad only if we get a good leader then
    evrything is good in every country…people say love dont exist i think it
    dose exist if we make commitment and be loyal to eachother insted of
    betrying eachother… so my point is that islam is not a bad realigon its a
    realigon of peace… N who evr belive in Al kaida n kill innocent people
    thare R not muslim its a sin in islam and i belive killing innocent its sin
    in each& evry realigon no religon allow killing innocent…example if
    a Christian guy muder someone that dosnt means all cristens R bad n thare
    is lots of rape happening in india that dosnt mean all indian hindus r
    rapist & thare is lots of muder happend in south africa inculding rape that
    dosnt mean all Christian in S.A r bad…dont juge a book by its cover until
    u read it..nowa days people are to judgemental if we keep jugeing n hateing
    eachother we will nevr have peace so try to respect and be kind to
    eachother to make this world a better place to live no matter wat race or
    realigon ur…thare r good & bad people dosnt mean the world is full of bad

  18. Boris Grappa

    And the usual apologists come there bullshit – this is not islam bla bla
    religion of piss bla bla – nuke the fuckers now man..!!

  19. Hugo Frich

    3 people ended up dead and 6 injured including, 2 pregnant women, one 75
    year old woman, one 43 year old woman and one 35 year old man.

  20. hillton2180

    I believe the cafe owner must be Jewish. That’s why they target this cafe.(
    he might be sending money to Israel to fight with their enemies.) 

  21. Ian Meek

    all Countries need to think hare about who they let into there country to
    stay ,

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