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Sydney Hostage Siege – PT 2 | Seven News | 15/12/2014

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  1. Amaan Zia

    Please don’t try to link with Muslim… Islam is a peaceful religion true
    essence of Islam is peace…Islam is the fastest growing religion of the
    world so these are the propaganda and obstetrical planted by ignorant s..
    Politics power hatred… Even though “IT WILL BE BLAMED ON MUSLIMS” 

  2. Luke Petersen

    If the shoe fits wear it 

  3. Mike Butler

    Good thing it is already known to “intelligence” and police, as well as
    right across from news studio. Probably just coincidence, right? Notice
    also the direct implication that 36 billion in security/police funding and
    new laws probably needs further draconian measures and more funding. Be
    afraid, even when doing your laundry, be afraid of public places, be afraid
    of brown people and foreigners. This would be almost funny, if it was not
    actually happening. truly sad but sadly true. 

  4. swagonwheels

    What we had in Sydney was a lunatic who had a record of unstable behavior
    who took it upon himself to pretend to be representing Islam.

    This person had a record which made it obvious he should not be a part of
    society, yet he was out on bail. Another nutter out on bail disrupting our

    It’s time people who behave like this were refused bail until their case is
    heard and they can be found not guilty beyond reasonable doubt and it’s
    time our authorities took a bloody good look at the fact they all too often
    wrongfully convict, which is what has brought bail about in the first
    instance. Bail says we cannot trust the judgment of our authorities, it
    tells us loud and clear our authorities are full of corrupt people who are
    as ruthless as any so called terrorist.

    This episode has ended tragically with two innocent people and one nut case

    The politicians will try to use this event to change our laws and to give
    their thugs of authority more powers to abuse.

    Every law affects all of us, so be careful what you wish for.

    Sydney has ended, and this morning in Melbourne we have another nutter with

    So who will be blamed for this nutter, who will it be claimed he

    The stupid gullible public will all listen and foolishly believe our so
    called authorities, then allow their laws to be changed, all in the name of
    the “war against terrorism”, when the fact is, this is about mental illness
    and the removal of our rights to come and go, and nothing more.

    We have a world full of nutter’s no matter their race colour or creed,
    every organization or group has nutters.

    Do not let opportunists like religious extremists/nutter’s, politicians,
    and the media, use this event to change your laws or your view of your
    fellow man, judge everyone by the way they treat you, and treat them
    accordingly, within the law.

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