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Sydney hostage taking terrorist, Sheikh Haron, speaking on ABC News, previous to hostage situation

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  1. Glimros

    Surprise, he say one thing and do another, whats new in the “religion of

  2. Visto che

    Well your actions on 15-16 December 2014 proved you a hypocrite!
    Should we ever believe a Muslim who says he is for peace again? NO!
    You have damaged Islam by your words and actions and are shown to be a liar
    – thus branding all Muslims liars should they say they are for peace. For
    you were a leader of Muslims. A representative of Islam.
    You used a gun and killed innocent people. You terrorised innocent people.
    Now lets see if you are with 72 virgins [unlikely] or in hell because your
    bad deeds outweighed your good – murdering your wife and sexual offences
    too added to the list of terrible deeds on your slate.
    Now you will know whether what you believed in was worth killing for and
    dying for. I hope NOBODY sees you as a martyr, but the coward you are.

  3. Lars svensson

    they kill, steal and deny, then they pray to theirs god who is name allah

  4. FruitJube

    Watch out. better arrest him now

  5. daz alax

    i wonder why he left iran as he is so much inlove with this? even iranian
    government is against the taliban,al qaeda,isis and the other morons! 

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