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Sydney In Seconds

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  1. TheMingThing

    Do you guys have any places you’d like us to visit in Sydney or anywhere
    else in the world? Leave it in the comments and we might just head there
    one day! :)

  2. Ezra Loh

    3rd liker

  3. Esther Woo

    Within 21 views!! XD :)

  4. Kai Yang

    Melbourne is a nice place to visit, here have a lots of food and different
    places to visit, hope you guys enjoyed your trip =D

  5. MichaelNKM


  6. americandreamglow

    You guys should definitely go to Melbourne next. It’s way better than
    Sydney 😉 trust me!

  7. momo0000

    will there be a full Australia trip Kendama video?

  8. Sofia May

    I like your shoes

  9. Zam K

    hope you guys had fun in aussieland ah! :D

  10. ShadowVyrus

    Lol why not Melbourne D:

  11. twguang

    Nice! Definitely interesting

  12. chaemiintz x


  13. MrOnlyforcommenting

    brisbane ? lol

  14. Freaky Fafa

    Wow how I wish it that delicious bbq ribs but sadly is not Halal am I right

  15. navigator 1093

    What Adidas Is That?

  16. iMidnightAngel

    Gal @0:44 so pretty!

  17. Linchan

    perth perth perth pls x-x

  18. Ferdiansyah Ferdiansyah

    nice video ! where do you learn to capture video like that?

  19. Kendrick moi

    Please Tell me that you guys did shoot something for the next video coming

  20. Jackie Hoang

    Solid schnitzels, was this in Marrickville? Perhaps check out the beaches,
    they’re pretty popular and are some of the prettiest in the world.

  21. Dennis Isip

    liking this vid because you included food in it

  22. Clement Lee

    I find this so oddly entertaining… I LOVE IT!!!

  23. SeasonSpecial

    One of the fastest 1min37secs in my life XD

  24. hzyr joe

    Ming! What camera did you use? Lense? Use polarizer? It looks fantastic! 

  25. Jasmine

    WOW THIS MAKE MY PANTIES WET ~!!!!!!!!!!!! ❤❤❤

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