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Sydney is drenched as wild weather lashes the east coast

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  1. Kevin Doyle

    So they never knew that they were in a flood zone? Never knew the
    possibilities? Does the news media not comprehend it either?

  2. ShadowinaCave

    I live just round the corner from this, and our street is a similar sight.

    The bloody Parramatta council has degraded the capacity of existing water
    channels and natural drainage by building over them with other works,
    claiming it didn’t matter because things like this would never happen. And
    while they get paid big sums for their bastard “planning” decisions that
    diminish the environment’s capacity to cope with changing weather patterns,
    they cover their incompetence by telling residents off for not upping the
    disaster insurance they have to pay for out of their own pockets, as if
    it’s the residents’ fault. Bloody hell.

  3. Eeveefan 120

    The Australian news reporters are so dumb. Oh if you don’t need to be by
    the river than don’t be like why are you then b**th…. Not to mention why
    the f*ck would you go out in this weather?

  4. Amy U

    Wow the prophecy is coming true Thank You Jesus for truth from little
    pebble and your messages from Book of Truth 

  5. Iolanda Vitória Dias

    This is serious!! :

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