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Sydney Leathers in Hannity Interview on Fox News Channel

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  1. Tom Lehner

    Anthony Weiner’s former sexting partner, Sydney Leathers, sat down with
    Sean Hannity on Fox News Channel for an exclusive interview. 

  2. USoSilly2Me


  3. Dust Cloud

    his wife enables him? Then what was she doing sexting him 5 times a day? He
    didn’t talk about his wife or child with her … maybe because she’s some
    random woman from facebook? He’s your hero… so you sexted him to bring
    him down? and now you’re glad he’s losing in the polls? And you’re going to
    a “gentleman’s club” after this segment. This is my first time watching
    Hannity but are all his guests like this? lmao

  4. USoSilly2Me


  5. Dust Cloud


  6. USoSilly2Me


  7. Wanda D

    Kiss and tell kinda girl…

  8. lostfan73

    She’s a hypocrite. She admittedly chastised him for his first scandal and
    then partook in his next scandal. Don’t get me wrong, he’s disturbing and
    horrid too. But she is pretty bad herself.

  9. 2DebbieDoo

    Karma has a way of paying people like her back. She knew he was married,
    she knew he had a child and she still participated. He’s just a pig, so no
    need to even go there. One day…may she be the wife at home being blamed
    “for not giving him [her own husband] enough attention.” “She enables
    him…” Maybe. But then maybe she’s just not willing to blow up her child’s
    entire world, at least not until she sees his behavior affecting the child.
    Which it will, one day. IMHO, this girl is a piece of trash, who deserves
    her choices to come back and bite her in her “every bodies had it” a$$! To
    sit there and justify her choices by pointing to men’s “bad behavior?”
    Well, honey, if they’re bad, what does that make you?

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