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Sydney News Openers

8 Responses

  1. zampakid

    what youtube user had that video @ 1:02 ?

  2. zampakid

    and 4:20

  3. Callsy92

    @zampakid Not sure

  4. Mark Pentler

    That modern version of The Mission is fucking sexy.

  5. eastest566

    Can you make a new video with the new Seven Openers?

  6. AntonioAzz

    @wuzzlevideos Which version are you referring to???

  7. Mark Pentler

    @AntonioAzz You know, 10 months since I made this comment I have no idea
    which one I’m referring to, but to be honest I’m generally a fan of any of
    the 7 news Mission remixes. They’ve really made that version their own.

  8. AntonioAzz

    @wuzzlevideos Yea I’m the same that’s why i replied. I just wanted to know
    which one it was you were referring to. The current one Seven uses i don’t
    think is all that good. But the one they used in the early 2000’s was the
    best. A real get up and go theme. loved it

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