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Sydney Siege and Other News

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  1. Nilguiri

    Dave, it’s not news when Americans murder each other. It happens every two
    f***ing minutes. It’s normal. What do you expect when everybody walks
    around armed to the teeth with deadly weapons?

  2. andiamoci22

    very true 

  3. kazooga 1234

    thx so much for this ha bisky vid i love you dave koller you are so awesome

  4. Floor Encer

    Whites held hostage by a Muslim is a story with legs. An Iranian who is
    welcomed in Oz shows his gratitude by threatening innocents. A
    disgruntled/black sheep who settles scores with relatives is a yawner.
    ¿Will something happen during a bathroom break?! Don Henley’s Dirty Laundry
    tells which story to run with. BREAKING NEWS.

  5. billybobhobnob101

    Chinese buying all the Maca!!! that’s gonna mess with their one child
    policy for sure and China being nice to get something? that’s only about
    95% of the human interactions I’ve had in life.

  6. michael woodruff

    What about the #naacpbombing

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