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Sydney siege: Australia’s radicalised Muslims in 90 seconds

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  1. Danny Me

    Sort them cunts out Australia we have been overun in the UK 

  2. dde4bw

    just as they did every time after harming innocent civilians: condemn,
    declare that they are different and from a religion of peace and tolerance,
    get ppl’s sympathy, and then attacking ppl again …

  3. natezgreat4222

    Islam is a cancer
    10× fast 

  4. gabsylv

    RAUS! R-A-U-S!

  5. Joe Rogen

    Fringe Islamists have nothing on US Veterans. Concentrate on the Other to
    your peril. Everyone who isn’t infinitely more outraged by Bradley Stone’s
    murder spree and the CIA’s crimes against humanity is morally bankrupt.

  6. 1988scottcarey

    Thoughts and Prayers to our Aussie brother’s from Canada

  7. Dream

    Time for Australia to withdraw from the refugee convention

  8. 岡充太郎

    Australia is the last stronghold to prevent from Muslim extremists to
    Japan. We express regret for those lost in this hostage incident.

  9. John Howard

    What a pile of bullshit this video is. All the facts are wrong. They are
    not 2%, they are less. They are not mostly foreign born. They breed like
    rats. Their offspring are nothing but trouble. And they are not mostly

  10. ybet1000

    I understand why some people are frustrated with our policies in the middle
    east .. imho .. if you want to do something about it.. take on the ones who
    have caused it.. the politicians….most Australians couldn’t find Libya or
    Iraq on the map …let alone explain why we are killing people here or
    there… If you are frustrated .. take it up with them.. or pack up your
    bags… and fight it out over there…just hand in your australian passport
    at the departure lounge…killing nobodies in a chocolate shop is lame ..
    If you want to liberate/takeover the middle east?.. jew or muslim…go
    ahead, hand in your passport ..piss off… we don’t want you here…. I do
    believe we need to restrict all muslim immigration to Australia…reason..
    theres an element.. that costs australian taxpayers millions/billions to
    supervise and control etc… sorry for the good muslims…. but we should
    restrict muslims immigration until it is proven muslims can reside in
    western countries without the extra costs and baggage a minority bring
    with them. It fails a cost benefit analysis imho. Australia is better
    off… having south east Asian/northeast Asian/white immigrants.. and
    islanders of course… they don’t seem to cause as much trouble…and are
    therefore less of a burden on the countries tax payers…call me whatever
    you want … but its the facts… when do you hear of buddhists marching
    down the street demanding the beheading of some idiot that insulted the
    Buddha etc? it just doesn’t happen…they come to Australia and get on with
    their lives…rather than try to change it by intimidation and threats
    etc.. which a element of the muslims do… believe jewish groups/muslims
    group etc should both be banned for interfering in the political agenda of
    Australia either by money donations ( bribes ) or intimidation… you don’t
    see the Buddhists doing it do you? anyway as always have a nice day

  11. abuphanus22

    All muslims are extremists, they follow the orders of the koraan. Is no
    such good muslim…….

  12. Michael Mccarten

    Don’t believe anything the BBC say, remember this alleged chemical attack
    on Syria which is exactly the same as a video they released a week before
    claiming of a napalm attack, its the exact same video but with the
    punchline edited from napalm to “I’m not sure, some kind of chemical
    attack” bbc, biased broadcasting crap

  13. hussain sajwani

    It’s sad to read these comments. sadly, they dont understand that those
    terrorists that call themselves kill mostly muslims. Isis has no islam in
    it, no relation to the religion. All god’s creatures that have common
    sense, logic, and morals condemn these foul parasites.

  14. Adnan Kashogi

    The Ghosts of Saddam will haunt the west for generations. ISIS Alqaeda
    would have never stepped foot in Iraq or Syria if Saddam was in power. His
    removal has created a power vacuum for extrmists to flourish and the west
    will pay the price.

  15. dennis themenace

    I have heard that Australia has an appalling race-relations and
    race-integration record, and that maybe this is partly the result of of why
    they are easily radicalized. Could this possibly be true in some part?

  16. Pacific Ocean

    Earth is microbial muslims, deportation Muslims in Australia, muslims pig
    pigs to people who rape women… DEPORTATION MUSLIMS

  17. Taner Australia

    Earth is microbial muslims, deportation Muslims in Australia, muslims pig

  18. Taner Australia

    We do not want Muslims in Australia, disgrace to women who are raped
    because muslims, Muslims need to tuck batons to ass, Get the Australian
    government deported to beg Muslims

  19. Mussie Zerai

    Dig a hole and put them in burn them and burry them 

  20. TechLogic99

    bbc = Bitching Barking Cunts

  21. Feral Hunter

    Start kicking them out!!! Any Muslim who plots against Australia or its

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