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Sydney Siege: Gunman ‘Known To Police And Media’

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  1. Sky News

    Journalist Mark Burrows says the #sydneysiege gunman is reportedly
    well-known to both police and the media. Full story:

  2. Dave Rostron

    Love the aussie attitude. Hope nobody dies.

  3. Fiww Ami

    ISIS has nothing to do with Islam

  4. resinated666

    but… but.. but.. Guns are banned in Australia this is impossible. MUST
    BE FAKE !!

  5. King Cobra

    if this man is (Known) to Police and Media, so why they have taken 17hors
    to sort this out. that’s very strange to me I guess? the Police and the
    government have left (29)people suffering fore 17hors poor people.

  6. 1verybadass

    wherever there are Muslims, there are TERRORISTS!!

  7. 1voyher1

    *I say this is a massive FAIL on the side of the Intelligence and Federal
    police – – jesus christ the guy was a king sized whacko – a person known to
    police complicit in the murder of his ex wife and numerous sex assaults /
    also sent hate mail to dead Aussie soldiers families – what ?? – i have
    known of people being deported for being of a bad character and doing less
    than that – the big question is why was this idiot allowed to stay in this
    country – who is responsible for him still being here? They have blood on
    their hands*

  8. Steve Mccarthy

    He was just a crazy. Happened to be Muslim.


    OK, here we go again! This time it’s Man Haron Monis, also known as Sheik
    Haron (also known as Mohammad Hassan Manteghi), a self styled MUSLIM,
    radical-extremist. Iranian-born, Monis sought asylum in Australia in 1996,
    telling ABC News in 2001 he fled after falling foul of the Iranian regime.
    Isn’t it amazing that this man seeks asylum in Australia only to terrorize
    the very country that afforded him protection!
    When will “Western culture” understand that the admission of people with a
    “corrupted mindset” will ALWAYS lead to problems and will place its
    citizens in danger.
    Muslim culture (like Western culture) is ingrained at a very young age and
    I would argue, cannot be removed. This is why new arrivals in the west
    reinstall the very culture they were trying to escape from. Religion

  10. knight night

    this man with accessory murdering charge and 50 counts other criminal
    offences, yet still allowed to walk free on streets. he is well known to
    police, yet he still managed to get a gun and carried out the attack. Good
    Job, AU judicial system.

  11. zotta1

    Why wasn’t this guy deported a long time ago? When will we Australians stop
    being so soft? The libmentalists (aka The Greens), soft immigration and
    justice system are partly to blame for such people being allowed to roam in
    our society.

  12. wipout1

    pathetic handling.

    Media grossly over dramatising a basic siege. (several had also occurred in
    Queensland recently with barely a mention on the news)
    Media should be restricted to hourly updates, NOT live coverage; this just
    gives the fuckheads want they want – coverage.

    Secondly, two snipers should have had the windows marked waiting for first
    available shot.
    Letting this run for so long incurs fatigue which is when the most stupid
    choices are made.

  13. Rick Sullivan

    how convenient 

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