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Sydney siege Heavily armed police storm Martin Place Lindt cafe

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  1. Qronos16

    #hostagestandoff #sydney 

  2. gdmclean

    the journalist trying to narrate what was happening seemed lost for words
    with how surreal the whole thing was. 

  3. PinkCookie62

    Yeah the operation to disarm the populace is worldwide. Those cops looked

  4. 2704Michael

    It is not an ISIS related terror attack as the guy was a clearly a Shia
    Muslim and would have been considered a Heretic by ISIS, by writes ISIS
    should diss own this event.

  5. Nick W

    Another rag head with his little flag and gun, doing it for his god. What
    kind of god likes this violence and what sort of people like that kind of
    god. Stop bringing your hate to us, leave it in your country where it



  7. germanicelt

    Well now that it’s all over, Merry Christmas everyone!

  8. rob28803

    These reports would be a LOT better if they would just show the audio/video
    by itself without the blather of the reporter.
    I don’t need to be told what the reporter can see or hear, when, if the
    reporter just shut up, I could see and hear it all for myself. And the
    report would be all the better for it.

  9. Dave letterman

    This doesnt make no sense whatsoever. We have the best martial law in the
    World and they wanted to brake in the store the 2nd day? and 2 innocent
    people were killed and 1 injured. Plus they didnt give the gunman what he
    wanted? and where were the 3 bombs around the city? It seems the government
    was involved with this gunman and this whole mission is a first test to the
    Australians to see how we would react so that they can throw more terror at
    us. Plus the gunman says this is a Islamic attack when he is clearly ISIS?
    It feels this is all planned and a divide and conquer tactic. I dont know
    how many of us actually believes the false media but i certainly dont
    because im not that dull

  10. StinkyBeava

    Business as Usual .. No Reprisals .. Catch a Bus with a Muslim .. Australia
    is Officially FUCKED! why don’t we build a fucking Mosque opposite Lindt
    cafe next door to Seven News?
    In Light of this Tragedy .. our government will let even more Muslims In !
    Australia is Fucked .. they attack us and then we are asked to protect them
    (ride with them on transport) and are branded racist if we criticise Islam!
    .. we going to Hell in a HandBasket !! Ride With You Campaign is
    Blasphemous ! Thank God Brave Katrina and Tori did now witness how Cowardly
    Australia has become!!!

  11. StinkyBeava

    i would have lasted 17 – 19 days in Lindt Cafe .. all the coffee a Man
    could ask for and this dumb Muslim cunt falls asleep !

  12. ben5447


  13. Ryan Zad

    peace and blessings of Allah be upon him, the messenger, Sallallahu Alaihi

  14. Nick Kremmy

    Credit to all emergency service people who attended and managed this

  15. rod ney

    Research this thoroughly folks, don’t lose you ability to think critically.
    Don’t just blindly believe the main stream media.

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