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[Sydney Siege] Police Storm Lindt Chocolate Cafe sydneyTo free Hostage || heavy firing

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  1. Stephen Foxon

    The sound is Nico 9 bags not heavy gun fire.

  2. Rob Green

    it looks like theyve thrown like 10 flash bangs wtf..

  3. tsopmocful

    They wiped him out after he shot a hostage. All over.

  4. Grumpy olMan

    Sorry but, reporters are so stupid – they’re deploying flash grenades –
    standard procedure to disorient to keep the hostages alive and keep death
    toll down – Good Job to those with Sydney PD who worked to neutralize this
    crazy situation – Damn Islamic lunatics.

  5. Callsign_Simba

    I think it’s meant to say “women running away from hostage-taker” haha

  6. likkenbyte

    Too bad Aussies cannot carry weapons to protect themselves.
    Knock the U.S. as much as you want, but if there were 30 Americans being
    held hostage, more than likely one would be armed and able to take this
    asshole down.

  7. Progressive

    Ban all religions ffs.

  8. Sonne Andreas

    Fuck islam and its followers! :)

  9. Richard Iese

    SASR would have done a better job

  10. Lesley Bird

    shut up so we can hear!

  11. Elliott Seiler

    Were these guy SASR? Or just police? 

  12. Nikos P

    Jihad, beheadings, stonings, burqa. Crusades, Dark Ages, Inquisition, Witch
    Hunt. And many more examples for all religion.
    Where am I going with this?

  13. Danger Close Mission

    Police Storm Lindt Chocolate Cafe sydneyTo free Hostage

  14. Danger Close Mission

    Police Storm Lindt Chocolate Cafe sydneyTo free Hostage

  15. Miss Angie

    To the insensitive selfish a holes who are supporting muslims over the
    victims, and wanting to ride them to safety, you are sick in the head. How
    dare you do this on a day like this, when people just having a coffee are
    put through hours of hell thanks to a Mohammaden who should have been
    kicked out long ago. 2 people dead from this, and all you think about is
    the poor muslims? wtf? You are a disgrace to our fallen, and to all decent
    Aussies who know Islam is an evil piece of garbage with it’s 7th century
    living standards. POQ Islam and take the leftie, greenie do gooder half
    wits with you!

  16. Real art

    Islam Doesn’t Teach Hatred! I really wonder why everyone thinks all Muslim
    are terrorists. Look, you can’t judge a whole nation by the actions of a
    few. Besides even if you see Muslims that really aren’t doing some good
    things, that doesn’t mean Islam teaches them to do that. If you see a
    Christian killing someone, does that mean you can say that all Christians
    are bad? Does that mean that religion is bad? No, of course not. Islam
    teaches love, peace, and knowledge. It’s just some people are ignorant of
    Islam, which means they know nothing of it. So the next time you’re about
    to say something about Islam, actually read the Qur’an and see if Islam
    teaches that. Okay? Thanks. 🙁 :/

  17. modvs1

    Whether the God you advocate is the wright or the wrong one is entirely
    secondary. What is of primary importance is whether your beliefs and
    convictions dispose you to behave in a certain way in relation to the
    welfare of others (vis. bailing up a café, taking hostages and perpetrating
    psychological harm and committing murder). You can believe whatever you
    want until the cows come home, but it’s what you do that has real world
    consequences. Clearly you don’t have to have any convictions in particular
    do what Monis did, you just have to be a cvnt- which clearly Monis was.

  18. TheRoblox GeekGamer

    0:12 EOD SUIT but more like a bulldozer from payday 2

  19. TheRoblox GeekGamer

    Fuck you Sonne Andreas yeah fuck you racist Sh!t I’m a Muslim and that dude
    who kept those hostages is not a muslim he is putting up that muslim flags
    to blame it on us so fuck you

  20. David Hill

    Highly entertaining attempt at a false flag event.

  21. Archie M Ticehurst

    What is the guy in the bomb disposal like suit?

  22. 黑竜崎

    I hate these fanatics who uses religion as scapegoats to spark unnecessary
    wars. When will they ever grow up and realize their stupidity??? 

  23. Doc Reasonable

    ISIS, Taliban, Al-Qaeda, Boko Haram — all sadistic religious
    mass-murdering hate groups who enjoy killing children, raping women and
    savagely beheading, butchering, machine-gunning and/or stoning anyone who
    belongs to a different religion. These groups are terrorizing the world.
    Now, what do ISIS, Taliban, Al-Qaeda, Boko Haram all have in common? Let me
    know when you figure it out.

  24. Fearfactorycats

    who was they guys yelling what the hell was that? lol

  25. Matthew Turner

    + Miss Angie Illridewithyou brings solidarity in a time where backlash and
    reprisal attempts may occur. Everybody is concerned that people died it is
    shocking. However to condemn a whole religion because of one mans actions
    is starting to sound alot like bigotry. Islam is the biggest religion in
    the world people. there is nothing 7th century about say Malaysia also a
    majority muslim country. what about Indonesia? over a billion people share
    this faith. Peace.

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