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Sydney siege update 1 | Channel 4 News

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  1. Jak Palmer

    Maybe shouldn’t have selected ‘Comedy’ as the category. 

  2. abdulloh hakimov

    It is TERRIFYING out here EVEN THOUGH I AM MUSLIM. i hope police would kill
    him before he kill the hostages the innocents. that is how pissed i am all
    of us praying for this siege to finish peacefully. please don’t hate
    Muslims, HATE THE TERRORISTS or KILL them MUSLIMS ain’t terrorist. all of
    my family members are praying for hostages safety and we are here to
    support their family. i hope hostages will set free soon and importantly i
    will prey to god that the hostage taker will die soon 

  3. Foxy The Pirate Fox

    If I disobeyed police orders and I was a police officer I wouldn’t care I
    would identify the pump shotgun the he has as stated news and kill him I
    hate terrorists but I don’t hate the country he comes from he’s just one
    person out of many and he’s a maniac

  4. MicMogul

    Would be nice to see more honest coverage from international media than the
    self-censored boredom served by Australian media. All very keen to maintain
    close relationships with police rather than tell the public the full story.

  5. Fly Agaric

    muslims get on my tits 

  6. kaz ali

    Its disgraceful what the gunman did.

    Where in islam does it say to keep innocent people as hostages? No where

    This gun man is not a muslim and is a lunatic crazy mentally deranged

  7. Andy Wilson

    “Its nothing about the truth. I made a statement. I’m not bothered to have
    a discussion with someone ignorant over the internet in youtube, if you
    dont like it, tough!.

    Judging from your comment you clearly do not know Islam or religion, then
    how do you expect people to understand your point of view?

    Do you know what empathy means?
    This is something that is hugely lacking in the western world.

    Or are you just ignorant and gullible with an IQ level of a donkey and
    brain the size of a cashew nut?
    like the rest of the masses that the media brainwashes with eye catching

    You clearly have very rudimentary knowledge about whats going on around the
    world let alone religion. I have no interest in replying to people typing
    behind their computers screen.

    So clearly in my point of view you and other users that made unnecessary
    waste of time comments are trolls.

    This is my last message. I am not replying back again. As time is precious
    to me unlike you.” – kaz ali

    Insulting my intelligence, calling me out for being behind a computer, I’m
    the one who’s brain washed.
    Yeah I hit a nerve, you know your dogma is bullshit!
    I’m tapped out on empathy for you homophobic bacon haters.
    You’re too scared to admit your Sky Daddy is no more real than Santa Claus.
    Now I need to face north and pray Santa Claus gives me lots of presents,
    peace be upon him.
    Merry XMAS kaz ali :D

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