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Sydney winning the 2000 Olympics – September 1993.

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  1. GymPenguin

    Thank you for posting this! How nostalgic.

  2. petrhsr

    Please don’t do that…

  3. jmoul59

    Why not?

  4. Kefka-X

    “I’m… a little… disappointed. :3”

  5. mubd1234

    That reporter had balls saying stuff about the Tiananmen Square massacre
    INSIDE Tiananmen Square.

  6. marcellin20a

    i found it very funny how the chinese celebrated

  7. ShockMouths

    For some reason I was half expecting Karl Stefanovic to appear after seeing
    the “TODAY” title. And I was old enough to remember 1990’s TODAY as well…

  8. Michael Brown

    At least both these countries eventually got it.

  9. dan papas

    now it’s 2012 fuck times have past haha

  10. emmasjunk

    i was 3 years old in 1993 to be alive at this time in Australian history is
    awesome go aussie

  11. missshellybeach .

    2024 Olympic games Brisbane Australia !!!!!!

  12. TheLewisHayes

    Time Travelling Hipster 3:36

  13. VictorYong36

    And the winner is….MELBOURNE for the 2024 games

  14. everclear66

    and the winner is Siddy

  15. bynarr123

    The Sydney Swans must have breathed a sigh of relief that Sydney finally
    won something that year.

  16. Shobie Lim

    Mr. Samaranch forget to say the Games is awarded to the city of Sydney!

  17. ApprenPlayer

    No it would. Qatar has already hosting World Cup in 2022. Australia for

  18. Eduardo Gonzalez

    Istanbul and Berlin were also hard hit

  19. VictorYong36

    Imagine if this happened today, there would be flares and hooligans and
    everyone will get out of control!

  20. Stuart Grandquist

    Best Olympics ever!!!!!!!!!

  21. wudzlolz

    I think Sydney was the best olympics. I do remember seeing the torch run
    through Liverpool, through Macquarie Street I think. I don’t live there
    anymore but still remember the buzz about the olympics around Sydney.

  22. David Garbutt

    Awww, I wanted to know what authorities in the United States knew before it
    was cut off at the end.

  23. Adaptorzzz

    watching this i was more amazed that oil was only 17.88 haha

  24. ahmed ali

    24 September 15 years latter I came this land down under

  25. samproductions02

    and the sydney 2000 olympics were the greatest Olympic games of all time,
    they were that perfect. 

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