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[Ten News Sydney] CityRail Drug Detection dogs – 5/3/2013

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  1. Beau Giles
  2. nickrod32

    The kents

  3. Oinky

    Get a Taxi or own car then no problem. This way they only busting the
    pensioners and the unemployed. Statistics to make themselves look good when
    they are solving nothing.

  4. TVismyopiate

    Fuck the police, for stealing your tax money and wasting it on this
    bullshit. No victim = no crime (= the fundamental common law principle).

  5. TVismyopiate

    This whilst Australian statistics in a scientific test, showed 70% FAILURE
    rate for these dogs. What judge would call harassing people based on a 30%
    probability of said people possessing drugs ‘reasonable’ or
    ‘proportionate’? Again, important principles under statute law this time,
    and again, being ridden roughshod over by crypto-Nazi police. Believe it or
    not, this system is tightening its grip ever further, but slowly, softly
    and targeting the easy targets and ‘hippies’ etc first. Resist!

  6. Riddle Me

    Do a quick google of a chlorine/bleach blend to keep in water balloon
    should you feel a piggie show tune starting. Good for throwing off scent,
    will also retire f

  7. TheFussypussy

    war on drugs lol!!!

  8. MissTaiSah

    Invasion of privacy. If its for personal use and out of reach of children,
    leave them alone!!!

  9. MissTaiSah

    TVismyopiate wise words!

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