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[Ten News Sydney] Racist attack on Sydney Bus – 2/4/2013

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  1. kam tsang

    how do you call yourself Australian? you are Chinese ,you look Chinese ,
    you should be proud being Chinese , china keep the Australian going ,

  2. kam tsang

    Australia didn’t belong to the European,

  3. kam tsang

    you are Chinese Australian, right?

  4. Elizabeth Sprinkle

    If you dont like it leave. p.s. where are you from?

  5. Zon Zoz

    You’re clearly just as racist.

  6. billy smith

    This country wouldn’t exist without Europeans, this is our country.

  7. Ocean Runner

    You’re an angry little fellow. Seems that you’re racist towards aussies.

  8. Ocean Runner

    Because most aussies know that winning a fight doesn`t make things right.
    Most aussies know that even if they beat you up you`ll still be a racist
    opinionated dick head. it’s that simple gazza.

  9. Ocean Runner

    Oh. I stand corrected. Well, I suppose now you’ve moved and live back in
    another country then.

  10. AtlasMercantile

    What a fuckin wanker. Poor tourists.

  11. Super Salon

    Why do you so vehemently deny the fact that Australia is a racist country
    when that basic fact is a very well known fact worldwide?

  12. phantomsuccour

    Yeah after massacring aboriginals and flooding their land with whites. Fuck
    off ethnic cleanser!!

  13. 123chorry

    Just making that statement is racist.

  14. Arnold Strong

    What Australian transport needs to do is toughen their security more
    cameras with audio and colour not just mounted on top of the bus near the
    driver but also in the back and the windows of both sides near the seats.
    Also security guard on every train, bus soon taxi drivers. Otherwise
    Australia is unsafe for anyone to travel in the country. When will the
    government take action or do they provoke this hate to continue? At first
    it will be foreigners next it will be the police targeted for hate.

  15. calven chong

    yeah, they seem like not very like asian. i went there last month, i have
    experience not friendly treat this is true. because asian too hardworking.

  16. John Smith


  17. Rendy Putra Mahardhika

    what a douche bag!

  18. Twinkle Dickinson

    It’s funny when people are offended by laughter, because they always jump
    to conclusions. If I were there I would have been laughing too, at the
    ridiculous shit that the racist asshole said. 

  19. HDsharp

    Racist Whitey Australians, you are in china’s backyard, be fucking grateful
    we have allowed you cunts to live in peace for so long. Just remember this
    everything as consequences, and most importantly we east asians can hate
    too and there more of us to return it. Do the maths.

  20. pickneydem

    natasha i want your bodaay

  21. manyuerainyo0o0

    In fact, Australia is a friendly country, I have encountered this kind of
    thing, but I feel that racial discrimination exists all over the world, the
    point is, how do you go face,

    I think that racial discrimination is not black or white Asian problem,
    and that is the cultural differences, it is the most fundamental reason,
    everyone experienced the story, whether locals or foreigners.

  22. nathan GQ

    It’s un Australian not to be a racist. 

  23. bodicatudor

    anyone that knows anything about you Ozzies know your all closet
    racist,just like us English..I don’t consider you racist like us just very
    outspoken and honest in your opinion. .its only the fucking stupid left and
    fucking liberals that have made us this way.
    keep up the good work and let them foreign cunts know how you feel about

  24. MrCevin7

    I just realized australian are so pride of themselves, they discriminate
    chinese, indian, they also discriminate french, 

  25. Ms Visio

    Natasha you are smoking hot.. any chances I can have your number?

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