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[Ten News Sydney] Spike in graffiti on CityRail trains – 26/4/2013

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  1. K SM

    sounds like same news again and again pffft

  2. nickrod32

    *free shoutouts

  3. yhwh

    fearing safety.what a fucking joke

  4. pandadm3

    Saying they “destroy” property when they legit just changed the color of
    the object and made it pretty

  5. 910364

    I don’t mind muriels (sorry i can’t spell) its art and actually looks good
    on the trains tags and scratching windows is bullshit

  6. 23twentythree23


  7. Tsenguun Tsetse

    What the Fuck talking about people getting ROBED? OK now that’s just

  8. Patrick Donnolley

    hey not just Cityrail trains but also Countrylink Trains.

  9. RELICS92


  10. matt gillon

    writers dont rob people you fucking ugly retarded cunt

  11. ironfalcon100

    Super sneaky cat-burglar artists…ooooooh.

  12. ironfalcon100

    The C, K and S sets are older than my 23 years, they deserve the treatment
    from the spray can… but the brand spanking new A sets should be left
    alone because they’re my favourites.

  13. Basl oneskiez

    shutup tool

  14. Mohsen Karimi

    Fuck the Police

  15. agipy5


  16. TheATrain616

    No passenger trains in the US have graffiti on them. Seriously go on google
    images or youtube any passenger train is clean freight not. Instead of
    wasting money to clean them up why not find out how the American’s do it
    and use the money that used to be for cleaning for BRT LRT or more city
    rail trains and track.

  17. wolfgang mueller

    @1:52 wtf did he try and say? they dramatize so much, keep that shit for
    soaps. if you say graffiti on trains affects your life in a negative way,
    you need something more in your life.

  18. nightgobblin88

    Unless you don t do it you can t understand. Cheers

  19. MrJRhacks

    Theyre called crews not gangs

  20. Dinaji

    id rather have a train covered in bloody art than having a boring and ugly
    piece of crap travelling the lines

  21. 23Wolgan

    You don’t get this sort of thing in Singapore for example, or in Japan.
    It’s a measure of the immaturity, stupidity and moronic behaviour of those
    with no brains or sense of community within NSW. Is Australian youth more
    stupid than those in Asian countries?

  22. otherchrisAUS

    How the fuck can you say that graff leads to robbery. Fuck you transport

  23. Margaux Connolly

    I think it looks good
    Better than how it is with nothing on it

  24. Grizzly ER

    Why do they even care about the graffiti?Unless the artist are keeping the
    train from moving who cares

  25. Lol moments

    Well for those people who say ‘its art’, how about I come to your place and
    torch half your fav things and the rest I cover in spray on crap that makes
    u look like a moron, oh and your house, well ill just torch ur room and
    cover your house in shit that makes you look like a unkept hobo, then I
    scratch the crap out of ur windows? then we will see if its art or just
    stupid vandalism

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