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The Listening Post – The Listening Post – The Sydney siege: How not to cover breaking news

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  1. reefertwo

    Sorry but I must take issue with YOUR reporting of the “Sydney Siege”
    reporting. When somebody with a gun takes 17 hostages, forces two of those
    hostages to hold an Islamic flag up against the window, then forces another
    hostage to call a popular radio station – claiming there are bombs planted
    around our city & he want’s an I.S.I.S. flag, I think the authorities were
    more than entitled to believe we had a Terrorist situation happening. They
    chose to keep that image going, well after they knew who this guy was &
    that he was just a lone nutter !!!!
    I don’t think the local media should shoulder all the blame.
    As for that asshole Murdoch’s paper – well what do you expect ! Rupert
    wouldn’t know a journalist if one bit him on the arse ! He only employs
    “reporters” & opinion givers (his opinion of course) – he’s not going to
    employ journos – they might actually tell the truth !!!!!

  2. Wilfredo Cespedes

    Richard of The Listening Post I think you did a very good job in this show
    published on Dec 20, 2014. I enjoy the way you presented the case about the
    media’s handling of the news and reporting of it and I give you thumbs up.
    The interview that follow of Mr Rich Peppiatt on his film ‘Rogue
    Reporter’ was also very insightful as far as you raise questions needing
    answers. Thank you for a great job.
    I like to know if you would be up for interviewing Dr Weiwei because the
    show Head to Head did a terrible job. I for one would like really to heard
    the Dr Weiwei answer some very basic questions and with enough time to see
    how different is the China that is portrait and the reality as observers
    from outside and inside of China have express.
    As one example the industrial pollution in China made primarily by the
    industries of foreign powers, such as US, UK, etc. How are the home grown
    Chinese industries doing and what are they in comparison? How involved are
    the government managers in running those enterprises. Are they favored over
    others. Say Apple is polluting and what competitor of Apple that is Chinese
    exist and is it State sponsored. The educational system, the health system,
    the transportation, much is said of cities that are build and no one lives
    there. Who owns them? Why are they empty? Be nice to know his answers.
    There is much to discuss. The Chinese involvement in Africa for example. In
    Head to Head one of the 3 panelist raise a concern of China’s manager in
    one country would take advantage of the ignorance of the host country.
    Which also gave rise to his other concern about some Chinese officials
    being racist. This is of course a problem every where but what is the
    government doing to address it.
    Israel is an open racist government not only supported by the IDF but
    legally encourages by legislation its population to practice racism against
    those who are not Jews. Implementing the Nazi mentality of superiority.
    Does China show any such signs?
    Thank you and I hope you might do such a show.
    By the way have you done any show on the Palestinian seeking recognition
    for statehood? The so called peace negotiations by US brokering between
    Israel and Palestine when it it so blatant the US bias and unconditional
    support for Israel’s war crimes. The Broker should be Russia and or China
    to put an end to Israel’s genocide of the Palestinians. What do you think?
    Keep up the good journalism.

  3. Feelthefx

    muslims are the worlds boogyman

  4. roloug95

    I am so sick of people pretending that the Sydney attack had nothing to do
    with Islam. it wasn’t just that the man was a”nutter who happened to be a
    muslim” and that somehow fits into the media’s islamic terror narrative, it
    was very clearly motivated by the religion. The man forced the hostages to
    hold a fucking Islamic flag in the window because he knew it would be
    televised and he specifically made the hostages say in their videos that
    this was “an attack on Australia by the Islamic State”. I’m sorry but how
    is that not religiously motivated? People are ignoring the facts and the
    inevitable truth because either a.) they are too afraid to face the reality
    of what is happening or b.) they are too afraid of stepping outside their
    arena of political correctness and potentially hurting the feelings
    “moderate muslims”. Australia seriously needs to grow some balls if we
    don’t want to be destroyed by this savage death cult of a religion. 

  5. rod ney

    Ruphert Murdock is a troll.
    The Sydney Siege was a psyop. A hoax plain and simple. People who believe
    it was real are a lost cause. 

  6. schlagerhansi

    They tried to cover the fact that the criminal was a muslim as long as they

    Now the ugly face of islam has shown again.

    islam is a worldwide terrorist conspiracy.

  7. Ellie9227

    ‘There have been many mass shootings in Australia’

    – Uh, no there haven’t. The few which have occurred in the last 20 years
    have all received a huge amount of media attention and it would be fair to
    say, have all changed Australia in some way.

  8. My New Zealand

    You can not blame the west for reporting like this .The west has had a guts
    full of Muslims terror Nigeria taking young teenage girls 9/11 Pakistan the
    killing of 135 innocent kids and teachers .Peace full faith will if your
    part of it go sort out those tens of thousands of crazy fanatics in you
    religion .

  9. skeptikai

    6:19 < Interesting and concise take on media in America

  10. LadyTam Tam

    911 was an inside job!! 

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