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Witness Describes Coming Face-To-Face With Sydney Siege Gunman

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  1. queensalnd


  2. Teryl Cox

    Shardin for sure 

  3. luke spencer


  4. hashem YAH

    but we cant see his face because hes the gunman!!! get him mate!!! all
    lies false flag propaganda. be afraid here comes terror. save me government
    god i need u to save me from isis.. oh no isis is at my starbucks. its the
    false star godess of satans false religion and its on my starbucks opRAH
    coffee special. some one help me!!!!!

  5. Roro Kidul

    again and again and again,, the evil mohamad follower…screaming around
    ,around llike devil ..they have no peace of mind whatsoever ,

  6. Tylor Johansson


  7. ja pa

    he talks like a cop 

  8. Jo Gaz


  9. 15TWIGGY15

    He must be a dentist

  10. Rocco M


  11. john deer

    No mate cant show his fafe on tv cause he’s a dentist

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