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World Cup 2015: Indian cricket fans in Sydney disappointed over defeat

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  1. Manoj Khuntia

    hahahaha hum khus hai .. we feel proud of indian team shut up 

  2. Shah Zad

    get some DILDO for players

  3. nurul soheil

    Billions of people but can’t make 11guys in cricket huh!

  4. altaf khan

    Hard luck for India Dhoni played his usual game But no other batsman
    supported him Iam proud to be Indian I always support the team. 

  5. Danish Danish

    Go to hell kohil…

  6. touni توني

    hehehe dil key arman aansoun main bah gaye hehehe :p

  7. Seung Hee Nam

    Kholi and company ponka ponkaaa hahaha

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